The best ideas do not come from reason, but from a lucid visionary folly


I’m Irene

Founder and party planner of Wed’n’party. I hold an MA in Business Communication and 2 graduate courses in Corporate Event Management and Wedding Planning from the European Institute for Design in Venice; I interned as Wedding Assistant in London and had a working experience as Wedding Coordinator in Italy and many more in Friuli-Venezia Giulia. All this allowed me to gain full professional competence in the field of event planning.

Everything else is pure CREATIVITY and the desire to realize “nice things only” for my clients. Would you be the next one?

My partner in crime is

La Chef Mobile. Because I was looking for her and she was looking for me until we bumped into each other. We discovered we are both loyal to the unconventional, intending to be innovative and moved by a whirlwind of ideas that never stops. A perfect mix for Wed’n’party.


I plan weddings, parties and a full range of other events for children and adults.
My home is a small village in the Collio Friulano (close to Gorizia)
but I’m more than ready to pack my things and travel to client’s home or the location of the event
(ps: I love to discover new places…I’m a travel blogger too!).

My mission? To hear people say WOW!
To achieve this goal, I avoid banalities and think outside the box.
Every event I create is unique and unrepeatable and it is made
to be LIKED, to WOW and IMPRESS.



• Marriage proposals
• Engagement parties
• Civil and religious weddings
• Symbolic ceremonies


• Surprise parties
• Birthday parties
• Anniversary parties
• Bachelorette/Bachelor parties
• Baptism parties
• Baby showers
• Festivities (Christmas, Easter, New Year’s Eve, Halloween…)
• Feast days (St. Valentine’s day, Women’s day, etc..)

gay_pet friendly
Gay and Pet friendly


• Business dinners
• New product launch presentations
• Inaugurations of commercial sites and sales points
Even making use of GUERRILLA MARKETING strategies

And then…

I organize secret parties with limited access.

I choose:

And what’s up to you?
Follow my Facebook page (because that’s where I will promote the event),
read the instructions to sign up for the event and find out what I’ve organised for you.

So, stay tuned!


For any doubt or question, for a simple chat
or to discuss the service you chose, don’t hesitate to contact me.

+39 340 77.38.365